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Solar-Breeze: One Smart Robot

Metro Studios has been working with an intelligent robot by the name of Solar-Breeze, and its inventor Denis Ruzsa and his business partner, Paul Sims, of Solar Pool Technologies, Inc. to develop successful marketing tools and strategies for this ingenious new product.

The Solar-Breeze pool skimmer, from Solar Pool Technologies, is a robotic swimming pool skimmer that uses free energy from the sun to keep pools clean by removing leaves, debris, pollens, dust, and even suntan oils from the surface of pools before they sink to the bottom.

It also reduces pool pump usage, which in turn lowers your energy costs, and is eco-friendly all at the same time.

This product is unique for the pool industry. It’s one thing to describe the many benefits this product offers to pool owners. It’s another thing to actually show them.

We created a 3-minute video that paints an effective picture of how easy this product is to use and the added convenience it provides to pool owners.  With Solar-Breeze, they can spend far less time maintaining the pool, and far more time enjoying their pool.

Judging from the Solar-Breeze pool cleaner reviews, the customers are enjoying the results, and are spending much more time in the pool than cleaning it.

Solar Pool Technologies utilized Metro Studios’ photography, video production, web development, SEO, and a partnership with Crosby Wright to help create a strong presence for Solar-Breeze in the market place.


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