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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Technology is constantly evolving. With change, comes opportunity. The time to capitalize on that opportunity is now.

One possible opportunity is to invest in a mobile site for your company. Mobile Internet use is not a passing trend. Rather, it’s a certainty.

Keep the End-User in Mind

According to Morgan Stanley Research, by 2014 mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users. People are consuming information on the go, and to create a successful website, you should always keep the end-user in mind—in terms of content and accessibility.

St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a prime example of a company keeping the end-user in the forefront.

St. Luke’s called upon Metro Studios to develop a mobile site that accommodates the needs of their customers. While the existing site offers a tremendous amount of information and insight, it wasn’t packaged in a way that offered quick and easy access to the type of information that was in highest demand from mobile Internet users.

In our meetings with St. Luke’s Marketing Department, we put ourselves in the shoes of a mobile Internet user to better understand what type of information he/she needs on the go, and if that information is easily accessible from their existing site.

Sometimes, Simple is Better

The result was a simple and clean mobile site that offers quick and easy access to information most important to a person on the run. St. Luke’s mobile site, http://m.stlukescr.org, offers three pages (ER & Urgent Care wait times; a campus map for quick directions, and a Contact Information page with “Click-to-Call” phone numbers). It also provides an easy-to-find link to the main St. Luke’s Hospital site for more in-depth information.

As an added convenience to users, if a person on a mobile phone tried to pull up the main website, it will recognize that the person is using a mobile device, prompting the following message to display at the top of the page: “You appear to be using a mobile device to view our site which is designed for desktop browsers. Click this message if you would like to visit our mobile-friendly site.”

SEO Facts for Mobile Sites

Google has a separate index for mobile sites, and the great thing for you is, it’s fairly empty. This presents a golden opportunity. With less competition, you stand a far better chance at being ranked highly for the key word phrases you are targeting.

According to eMarketer, Mobile Internet users are expected to reach 134 million by 2013. Adding a mobile site to your marketing mix can put you in a prime position to capitalize on this rapidly growing pool of mobile Internet users.

Now is the perfect time to analyze your site, and consider the steps needed to make it more mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that not all websites need a completely separate mobile site to be mobile-friendly. There are steps that can be taken to modify the design and content of your existing site to make it more accessible to mobile Internet users.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make your site more mobile-friendly, contact Metro Studios to find out how to get started.


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