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Metro Studios Tackles a High-Profile Project

Metro Studios was called upon for the third straight year to shoot a high-profile series of commercials created by Terry L. Butz Creative for the Badgerland Chevy Dealer group in Madison, Wisconsin. The star of this latest series of TV spots features University of Wisconsin Head Football Coach Brett Bielema.

With just four hours to shoot video and still photography with Coach Bielema, we were able to create three different set-ups. In one, he’ll be featured in a staged news conference, fielding questions from “the media” about Chevy products. In a second set, he will appear to be on the sidelines of a game, thanks to the chroma key technique. The third set, Coach Bielema will be standing by the latest Chevy models outside of Camp Randall Stadium.

The commercials will air throughout Wisconsin.

Terry L. Butz Creative, located in Waterloo, Iowa, created the commercials for this project, and utilized Metro Studios for the production. Terry L. Butz Creative is a full-service advertising agency specializing in campaigns for the automotive industry.

Metro Studios also shoots a series of seasonal commercials for the Wisconsin Buick GMC Dealer groups featuring University of Wisconsin Men’s and Women’s Head Basketball Coaches, Bo Ryan and Lisa Stone. These commercials typically run during the winter months.


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