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Project Highlight: Mi-T-M

Metro Studios was contacted by Mi-T-M, a leading manufacturer and designer of an extensive line of high-power pressure washers, air compressors, water treatment systems, generators, pressure washer accessories, air compressor accessories, and more, to create a new website that better met the needs of both Mi-T-M and its customers.

“When developing a new website in today’s online culture, it’s critical to ask yourself what your customers are looking for and what they are hoping to achieve by visiting your site,” Karen Anderson, Mi-T-M Marketing Manager said.” Metro Studios fully understood our goals for our new website from the very beginning.”

Mi-T-M felt their existing site was outdated in appearance, structure and presentation of content. “The visual design of the site did not reflect the quality of our products or the level of technology Mi-T-M uses in our manufacturing processes,” Anderson said. “The sleek, user-friendly design is a better reflection of Mi-T-M and its reputation as an industry leader.”

The previous website was not user-friendly or easily searchable, and was not generating optimal leads as a result.

“Our products were not easily browse-able, especially if a visitor did not have a specific product model in mind,” Anderson explained.

The new site features improved navigation and an enhanced search function that makes it easy for customers to find the equipment they are looking for.

“Once our customers find their equipment, we make it just as easy to take the next step, whether it is asking for more information about that product or to connect them with a dealer when they are ready to purchase.”

“There are over 300 products on this site, so developing it in such a way to make sure our customers quickly find what they are looking for really was a team effort,” Anderson said. “Metro Studios’ development process took, what I thought was a daunting task, and made it into something that went beyond our expectations.”

Anderson is looking forward to a long-term, successful business partnership with Metro Studios. “Not only would I recommend working with Metro Studios, I am sure that Mi-T-M will partner with them on future projects.”


Featured site:

Peosta Cleaning Systems – A Mi-T-M dealer, offering the full line including Mi-T-M pressure washers, Mi-T-M air compressors, and accessories.

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