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Grill Topper’s Moving Fast…

Grill Topper, a client of Metro Studios, turns ordinary grilled meats into works of art by searing your favorite team’s logo on to the surface of the meat! With such a fun and unique concept, Grill Topper is speeding right along.


Grill Topper sponsored a NASCAR, driven by Nationwide Series driver Robert Richardson, at the 2010 All-Star NASCAR Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Metro’s Kirk Hayden was there firsthand to capture the day’s event.

EntGrill Topper Marketing Director Jory Dyvig hired Metro Studios to cover the event with photos and HD video for potential use in future marketing efforts. They will be creating a page about their NASCAR sponsorship on their website, and will feature many of the photos and video taken at the NASCAR event.

Metro Studios secured credentials to be in the garages and even the pit area during the race.  This upclose and personal access resulted in some outstanding up-close video and photography.

These high credentials also gave us the opportunity to be near some of the Sprint Cup Series’ best drivers including Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Bobby Labonte, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton.


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