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Project Highlight: Ent Federal Credit Union

This winter, Metro Studios was given a challenging assignment from Mills Marketing – a financial marketing agency in Storm Lake, Iowa. Their client, Ent Federal Credit Union in Colorado, wanted to produce a complete market acquisition campaign to effectively break into the already-saturated credit union market in Denver, Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas.

EntThe campaign was designed around the tagline – “Where you Belong” – and was set to consist of four different storylines: “Education”, “Checking”, “Convenience”, and “Benefits of Membership”. For each storyline, Metro Studios produced a TV spot, radio spot, and provided all photography.

This project was unique in the fact that Metro worked from scripts and storyboard provided by Mills Marketing, instead of creating our own. What does this mean for our production team? As a result, our creativity and innovation was put to the limit to find the perfect location, actors, and atmosphere to use for each spot.

That being said – talent scouting, location scouting, and prop gathering were especially challenging for this project. Many different locations and types of actors were used. For example, the “Convenience” spot was shot in a residential house with a middle-aged woman, and 3 local children. The “Education” spot was shot at the Zimmerman-Ford car dealership, with a local student actress. Props needed ranged from iPods and laptops to fairy wings and a Spiderman t-shirt!

EntThe days were all long, and the crew extensive – with a producer and art director from Mills Marketing, as well as a videographer, grip, director, photographer, production assistant and makeup artist from Metro Studios. The voiceovers for TV and radio were put together back at our recording studio using separate talent.

Below, you can view a few of the finished TV spots, as well as some photos which were chosen for the print materials. The commercials are currently running throughout Colorado, and our client relationship has continued, as we are currently working on additional radio commercials for Ent’s Mortgage and Auto Loan divisions.

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