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Stepping outside the box at Metro Studios

Note: For the past several months, Mallory Fondell has worked as an intern with the Metro web team. To say she’s done a fantastic job would be putting it lightly. Mallory has been an incredible asset to our team doing everything from graphic design to coding web pages. As her internship draws to an end, it’s no secret that we’ll really miss having her around the office. Below is Mallory’s firsthand account of her experience at Metro Studios.

Mallory Fondell (far right), works with two members of the web team on a project.

A few months ago, HTML was nothing more than a foreign language to me. I am not a computer science major, so as a designer, I never thought I would be learning the code behind web design. I was so wrong…

Having an internship in the Web Services department at Metro Studios was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve never gone into something so blindly before, but it’s been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.

My first few weeks, I got to witness how all of the “cogs in the wheel” turn in the web department. I learned about search engine optimization, social media marketing, HTML coding using cascading style sheets, and how to write content for the web. I was blown away with the talented people who work here and how close they are with each other. (The pool table is pretty sweet, as well!)

While shadowing each part of the web department, I got to observe a website go from just an idea to a functional, eye-catching site. After becoming familiar with this new language called, HTML, I was let loose on my own project!

There aren’t many internships where you’re guided through a project from start to finish, but at Metro Studios, that was their number one goal for my internship. It wasn’t about filing and making copies, it was about learning. The skills I learned at Metro Studios have made me more knowledgeable in my classes and a step ahead of my peers. I’ve even learned things that my professors don’t even know!

My time at Metro Studios was more than just something to fill my college requirement – it was an opportunity to learn something that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It was an opportunity to meet great people and build a diverse network of experts. It was an opportunity to build my portfolio and allow me to say, “Look! I did that!”

Internships are for stepping out of your comfort zone, ignoring your fears, and trying something new.

Metro Studios realizes that students want to learn, and with every opportunity, the people at Metro Studios will do everything they can to help you succeed.

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