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Whet your appetite with a video for Scottsdale Community College.

The SCC’s Culinary Arts Department needed to create a video “appetizer” for potential students.  Their theme was “Think”, and during this shoot, we “thought” about sushi, strudel, stuffed chicken, plus culinary delights we’ve never heard of—students learn it all right here!

Our recipe for a successful shoot

Our recipe for a successful shoot was…extremely detailed planning.
Preparing the HD shoot schedule for each day was a challenge.  We had to make sure we were ready to shoot in the bake shop when they were forming the ambrosia cups, or in the classroom when the cake was being created or in the dining room, which serves lunch and dinner to actual customers.

Did you know flowers can be made out of rutabaga?

Lighting food items is tricky, especially in a white and stainless steel kitchen.  It was key to have enough people on the crew to manage all the lights and keep the “chefs-in-training” from tripping on cables.   This video is just the “first course” in a video series that Metro Studios is producing for Scottsdale Community College. We look forward to “sampling” all that is to come!

View photos from the shoot.

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