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Learn to play hockey the Metro Studios way.

This summer, Metro Studios was contracted by the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders, a USHL hockey team, to meet a wide variety of marketing and production needs for their 2009-2010 season. We’re thrilled that Metro Studios can be ONE place – so many solutions for the Riders. Here’s our take on Metro Studios’ style of hockey.

Rethink everything you know.

The Riders came to Metro Studios looking for a complete branding and production upgrade – transforming a simple hockey game into an entertainment experience. We were up for the challenge.

Forget shin guards, go for the big screen TVs.

We installed four huge video screens above the ice rink, with cameras located across the arena to capture every angle of the game.

Metro Screens and Cameras

Light up your fans.

We developed a production plan from scratch, including video content which will play during the pre-game show and during the game. The video clips include player interviews, sponsor mentions, advertisements, and custom clips for each game.   We even produced an original music video just for the Riders.

Music Video

Forget the net – take it to the web.

Our web team built a new website for the team featuring high definition videos on every page, a design worthy of the NHL, and increased opportunities for fan interaction with weekly e-mail updates. Our website blends seamlessly with our production coverage – enabling the Riders to post game coverage just minutes after the final buzzer.

Riders website

Don’t wrap your hockey stick – wrap your production trailer.

As part of the project, we hooked the Riders up with a 52 foot production trailer that serves as the command center for all in-game production.  We wrapped it in a custom skin designed by our art director to give it a unique Riders’ branding.

Hook the public.

Metro has produced a number of TV and radio commercials to promote the upcoming season throughout the area. We’ll also produce a 30 minute TV program every Saturday throughout the season, featuring Mark Carlson, the Riders’ head coach.

“We couldn’t be happier with Metro’s work.  We’re confident these changes will bring the Riders to a new level of competitive intensity this year, while growing our fan base, and giving people a new appreciation for the team,” said Jeff Jauch, co-owner of the Riders.

So, what’s next for Metro Studios? We’re getting our mullets cut on Friday.


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