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Love tailgating parties? So do we.

At Metro Studios, we love tailgating. So, we were thrilled to work with Grill Topper – a company that sells specialty tailgating items – turning ordinary grilled meats into works of art by searing your favorite team’s logo on to the surface of the meat to extra-large, college-specific grilling mitts.

Over the course of the summer, we staged and shot photography, produced videos, and created an e-commerce website from the ground up for Grill Topper.

Here’s an inside look at the project:

Lifestyle shoot, featuring alumni enjoying a BBQ.

This lifestyle shoot featured Iowa Hawkeye alumni, grilling after the big game.

Campground shoot featuring a family grilling outside on a summer day. Grill Toppers aren’t just for tailgating!

Christmas morning shoot, with Dad opening his new grill glove and Grill Topper.

This shot, staged by Metro’s food stylist, shows that a Grill Topper can be used on virtually any kind of meat.

Here’s an outdoor picnic shot featuring the Oklahoma Grill Topper.

This shot was designed to show how to use the Grill Topper in a more formal setting.

The Wisconsin Grill Topper at its best – the Grill Topper works great on steaks!

A close-up shot of hot dogs using the Michigan Grill Topper. Don’t they look good enough to eat?

The completed website – check out all the Grill Topper products (and Metro Studios’ handiwork) at their website.


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  1. Lisa says:

    I love the pics and the huskers on Grill Toppers site 😉

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