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9.5 billion reasons to stream HD videos online.

At Metro Studios, we’re throwing party streamers, splashing in mountain streams, and have tears of joy streaming down our cheeks!

What’s the occasion? We now offer streaming HD video services!

Actually , we decided to celebrate our streaming HD video services through a blog entry– and explain to you what a streaming HD video server is – and why it’s an incredible tool for growing your business.

What is a streaming HD video server?

A streaming HD server is a powerful resource that enables high quality HD videos to be broadcast over the web. It allows for a data flow between the server and your computer that’s more than twice as fast as a typical video. What’s more, it results in decreased video load times and less buffering for a streamlined viewing experience.

Why should I use a streaming HD video server?

  1. More people are watching high-quality video content on the web.
    In the month of April 2009 alone, 9.5 billion videos were viewed online – an increase of 24% from just a year ago. Hulu, a website that provides HD streaming video has grown 470% in the past year, and is second only to YouTube in the number of videos streamed.1 As the number of online viewers grows, it’s important to reach them with your own message.
  2. The average person is more likely to watch, rather than read when it comes to web content.
    In today’s world of skimming and 5 second page surfing (see our article on how people read online), one of the best ways to effectively get your message across is through high quality video content.
  3. Your video is protected through digital rights management.
    With a streaming server, you can rest assured that your video won’t be used or abused. It isn’t possible for viewers to obtain a copy of your video without permission, which means that what’s yours, stays yours.
  4. Viewers expect HD video quality.
    With the advent high definition technology such as plasma TVs and BluRay DVDs, the average consumer has grown used to high definition videos. Standard definition videos now look amateurish compared to the high quality of HD.
  5. It’s inexpensive.
    Using a streaming HD server is a surprisingly cost-effective way to promote your business to a wide audience, typically costing just dollars per minute of video each month.
  6. We’ve got it under control.
    At Metro Studios, we’ll provide complete support for your streaming HD video solution. We can:
  • Plan and produce your video content
  • Shoot , edit, and finish your video in HD quality
  • Design a striking webpage for your video content
  • Direct search engine traffic to your online videos
  • Provide comprehensive, ongoing support along the way

What’s next?

Coe College Streaming Video

Take a look at the HD videos we’ve produced and are streaming for Coe College. Then, contact us to learn more about using streaming video for your business.

1(Nielson Online, Online Video Market Share Report, April 2009. http://www.todaytrend.net/youtube-maintains-top-ranking-by-total-streams-and-hulu-grows-490-percent-year-over-year-according-to-nielsen-online.html.

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