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5 Social Media Myths Debunked

It seems like everyone’s talking about social media. But when it comes to social media and your business – how do you separate the truth from the tweets? I’ll debunk five social media myths for you.

  1. Social media is the ultimate internet marketing solution.
    While using social media is a great part of an internet marketing strategy – it’s just that – a PART of it. When it comes to internet marketing, like many aspects of business, there’s no “silver bullet”. A combination of ongoing internet marketing strategies will have the greatest impact online.
  2. Social media is one-way communication.
    Social media platforms are designed for conversations – not a sales platform. Through social media, you can personally connect with current and potential customers, providing them with feedback, responding to any problems, and helping them engage with your people and products.
  3. Using social media to grow my business is a fast process.
    Using social media to grow your business is a slow cooker – not microwave – process. It takes time to build quality relationships, establish trust and respect, and develop your unique communication style. But in the end, you’ll find taking it slowly makes for more quality growth for your business online.
  4. Automated social media is better than no social media.
    Social media is designed for personal interaction. For the vast majority of Twitter users, there is nothing more irritating than being asked to interact with an automated “bot”. Having real people at your company use social media lends authenticity to what you do.
  5. Social media is difficult.
    It doesn’t have to be. Many people assume that to effectively grow their business through social media, they must use every single social networking site on the web. That would be impossible – and not very effective! A great way to use social media is to select 1-2 networks that will provide the most interaction with current and potential customers.

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2 Responses to 5 Social Media Myths Debunked

  1. Eric Ungs says:

    These are five great points!

    To sum up social media… it’s being authentic, genuinely caring about your consumers, engaging in their conversations and reaching out. The web is now humanized and this is the way businesses need to pursue it. Not pushing your product/service in their face but engaging. Your product/service will be noticed and talked about, it may not be instantly, but, as you continue to make trusting relationships the future is bright. Devote as much or as little time to social media that you feel is needed, but make it worthwhile and be consistent.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. John Whaley says:

    All Great Points. Thanks Eric!!

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