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Zimmerman Ford: From whiteboard to widescreen

If you walk into a conference room at Metro Studios, you’re bound to find a whiteboard filled to the brim with words, ideas, and images.  After all, they say creative minds are rarely tidy.

This spring, our creativity and our whiteboard was put to work for Mark Zimmerman Ford-Hyundai-Mitsubishi-BMW.  Mark Zimmerman approached us looking for new branding for his dealership from a fresh, outside perspective.

We started our work with research. Not with market statistics and car model numbers, but with real people. We spent time listening to people share what they liked and disliked about their experiences with car dealerships.   Then we took that information and started brainstorming.

The result? A marketing campaign focused on the unique needs and experience of each customer. “Mark Zimmerman Ford: Where it all starts with ‘U’.”  Not only does the statement convey the company’s focus on customer service, but also highlights their strengths using words that begin with what else  – the letter “U”. Unbeatable prices, unequaled service, the ultimate customer experience– they all help to define the Mark Zimmerman Ford experience.

The team at Zimmerman has done an incredible job of developing this statement internally – they now even have employee training centered on this philosophy. What’s more, Metro rolled out the new branding in July through a series of TV and radio commercials.

We were privileged to play a role in shaping Mark Zimmerman Ford’s new branding and we’re eager to see the positive impact it makes on both their team and their customers.

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