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“Net” more business through webcasting

As companies continue to look for opportunities to reduce operating costs and pursue an effective communication strategy, the internet is becoming the clear technology of choice. By using internet streaming media technology, corporate information can be presented in real time to viewers around the world. Following a live webcast, the program can be packaged for video on demand playback for those who were unable to watch the live event. Metro Studios can turnkey a solution that will benefit your company and help you achieve your communication goals.

How you can use webcasting

Businesses, organizations and others are using webcasting for a variety of applications, including:

  1. New product announcements
  2. Annual meetings and conferences
  3. Investor relations messages
  4. HR, organizational development, and benefits updates
  5. Corporate communications and training
  6. Medical and live surgery webcasts
  7. Special events, town hall meetings, division updates

Why webcasting is good for your business

Webcasting provides a return on investment through its many benefits, including:

  1. Extends event to a larger and geographically dispersed audience
  2. Saves travel time and travel/entertainment costs
  3. Available for playback as a video on demand program
  4. Portrays a cost-conscious, yet professional image
  5. Less expensive than satellite broadcasting, print, road shows
  6. Delivered directly to the audience member’s computer

How webcasting works

A live video webcast requires video production, video encoding of the stream, transmission over the Internet, and an audience connected to the Internet with a current streaming media player. Metro Studios provides an end-to-end solution that walks you through the process, provides the necessary resources and expertise, resulting in a great viewer experience.

The viewer experience

Viewers are given a web link that allows them to connect directly into the live event portal. Various levels of security are available, from as easy as entering a guest name, on through password and pre-registration screening. Once logged in, viewers see a live video feed of the event, PowerPoint slides, and a chat window where they can type in questions for the presenters. Viewers can see, hear and interact with presenters in real-time.

Making it happen

Whether your communication event is driven by financial considerations, real-time integration of audio, graphics and video media, a need for turnkey services, or any combination of these, webcasting can be a great solution. A growing number of organizations are discovering that webcasting is the right strategy for accelerating their communication success. Contact Metro Studios today to find out how we can provide you with a unique webcasting solution.

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