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Metro’s latest video project receives rave reviews from across the US

Great expectations

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest and fastest-growing organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. When Metro Studios was chosen to produce JA Worldwide’s new volunteer orientation video, there were large tasks ahead of us – Junior Achievement’s current orientation video was more than 15 years old! Needless to say, JA’s more than 220 offices across the world were clamoring for an updated video.

Globe trotting!

At Metro Studios, we were up to the challenge. As an international organization, it was important for JA to show the different environments where their programs are held—from inner-city schools to suburban classrooms. Our video shoots took us across the United States to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Peoria, IL, and Cedar Rapids, IA.

More than just a training video

Our goal was to create a video that was informative, inspiring, encouraging, and creative. To accomplish this goal, we even incorporated our own version of a reality TV show into the project! We followed a brand new volunteer through her JA experience – from preparing for her first session with a group of at-risk high schoolers all the way through to her last session with the students. Hearing her testify how her weekly sessions probably turned her students around is amazing. (You can check out her interview here – her segment is entitled, “Experience It!”)

Writing it right

Junior Achievement wanted nearly all of the training information to come from testimonials. We interviewed a diverse group of people including: brand new and seasoned volunteers, students, and school administrators. Writing good questions for the interviews, and arranging to interview a diverse group of people made scripting a challenge—in a good way! There were so many great quotes and stories that ended up on the cutting room floor!

Not another boring training video!

Throughout the 51 minute training video, we added several fun segments such as having some 5th grade students spell “entrepreneur” and including a series of student bloopers. The kids we worked with were great, but despite their best efforts, we eventually caught them doing some pretty silly things on camera!


To top it all off, we shot the entire video in HD. That way, it was easy to transfer our footage to a hard drive for JA, enabling them to use the footage in-house. In the end, the DVD had a menu with 9 video segments, as well as an original designed folder that detailed each segment. You can watch the all of the segments at JA’s website. Or, check out some of the highlights on our own site.


To meet the volunteers and hear their stories about why they volunteer…and then to hear the students’ stories about how JA turned their lives around—it was amazing! Metro Studios was proud to be a part of this wonderful project, and the videos were truly a labor of love.

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