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Amateur Video Editing: Tips & Tools

Do you dream of being the next YouTube phenomenon? The explosion of digital video in the last decade has brought about many changes.  Now, more and more people are dabbling in amateur video editing. However, the key to creating truly outstanding videos is to know the tricks of the trade that will elevate your video from a wet rag to wildfire viral content:

1. Choose the right software.
Today, most computers come with a pre-installed video editing program. While these programs serve basic functions, the serious amateur editor may want to consider purchasing a more robust editing program such as:
•    Adobe Premier
•    Final Cut Pro
•    Sony Vegas
These programs enable users to really dig into the entire editing process, including fine tuning and trimming of video clips.

2. Cut and trim!
Cutting and trimming is a vital – yet often painful part of video editing. While you may love each and every second you’ve filmed, it’s likely your viewers will not. If you find it hard to determine what areas should be trimmed, have someone else review your footage and provide feedback on what parts seem unnecessary. Overall, “trimming the fat” from your video will leave exactly what you’re looking for – the juicy goodness that is the “meat” of your video.

3. Use Transitions Sparingly.
A transition is how a video moves from one clip to another, and can be a tricky part of video editing. I strongly believe that the fewer transitions you use, the better. Flashy transition techniques make videos look cheap and amateurish.

Yes, it can be tempting to use a cross fade, a quick dip, or a burst of color to transition clips, but overall, the best transitions are those the viewer doesn’t notice.  “So,” you ask, “why do video editing programs provide all of those flashy transitions if I’m not supposed to use them?”  We may never know. But until we find the answer, consider this: When was the last time you saw a movie, sitcom, or commercial that used a transitional technique such as a “star wipe” or “cube spin”?  Probably not for more than 20 years!

4. Remember, it’s not Star Wars.
Special effects are similar to transitions in that most special effects will have the greatest impact when used sparingly.  It’s best to leave the special effects to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

5. Don’t Tune Out the Audio!
When editing, it’s easy to become so immersed in the video’s appearance to lose track of how it sounds. You could shoot the most beautiful footage imaginable, but without high quality audio, you may as well be staring at a picture on the wall. After all, video is meant to be a multimedia experience.

6. That’s a Wrap!
By following these editing tips, you’ll be well on your way to separating your video from the masses. If you’re interested in producing a video that truly makes an impact, contact Metro Studios. We have the expert script writers, talent, directors, and audio & video editors to ensure that your video has an outstanding professional touch.

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