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What is your website saying about you?

I know this sounds like a funny question to be asking yourself, but if you haven’t thought about the answer, maybe it’s time. With more and more people using the internet as a resource and to find businesses, if you website isn’t sending the right message then it might be time for an update.

In the past it was only necessary to have a website, to, “have a website”. It was a marketing tool that businesses could use as a facade to show they were on top of their game and cutting edge. Now days, a website is not only a marketing tool, but an extension of your brand. It needs to convey who your company is and what your company can do for its clients.

When we meet with clients we tell them to think about their website as a resource for the products or services that they are offering. If your website is a resource it will not only build creditability with your potential clients and customers, but it will build creditability with the search engines as well. If the search engines deem you site creditable for certain keywords, they will rank your site higher organically within the Search Engine Results Page’s (SERP’s). I know this sounds like a lot to be thinking about but then again, that’s why we’re here.

Ok, so now that you have established that you need to update your site. How do you make your site a resource? I think a better place to start is by asking yourself:

– What makes my company, product, or service unique?

– What are my potential clients looking for and what can I offer them?

– Is our company website a direct reflection of who our company really is?

The answers to these questions will not only help you with your general marketing efforts but give you the building blocks to start really thinking about how you can take your website to the next level.

I said earlier that your website should be an extension of your brand. Just like any other marketing piece your website should convey who your company really is. If you are a fortune 500 company and you are still using old animated graphics and “blink tags”, is your website really helping your company? Likewise if you are a smaller company, the web is a great opportunity to put the “size doesn’t matter” mindset to work.

As the internet grows, more and more people are going to the web to find out who you are and what you do. The vastness of the internet has made it the most widely used marketing medium in the world, topping TV advertising, Radio, and Print. The internet keeps growing daily, allowing for more and more competition. How well is your website performing?

By making your website a creditable resource that reflects your brand, it will naturally be a fully functional marketing tool for your company to utilize. Let your website work FOR you not AGAINST you!

Director of Internet Marketing
John Whaley – johnw@metrostudios.net

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