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Ok, so I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon this week, and am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new iPhone tomorrow (according to FedEx), but it got me thinking… in all of iPhone revolutionary wonder, how is it going to affect/revolutionize web design, development, and SEO?

Being in the web design and SEO industry, the iPhone is going to make mine and other web designers/developers lives a lot easier. The iPhone uses Apple’s Safari web browser, which is the same browser that Apple ships with all of it computers, much like Microsoft ships Internet Explore with all of its windows passed computers. This allows us “web”nerds to use the same browser that the iPhone uses to test compatibility issues with websites and get issues resolved before the site goes “live”. Thus allowing flawless viewing of your wonderful new website

Other mobile devices such as the Blackberry by RIM, or the Treo by Palm, require you to design and layout your site differently and there is very little you can do to test for compatibility short of actually owning the phone, even though Adobe is on the right track with its Device Central software shipping with CS3. In my humble option I believe that Apple has set the bar on what is to come in the mobile web industry. It will be a very interesting market to watch over the next year, especially with the much anticipated launch of Google’s “gPhone”set to launch in 2008, and other phones like the LG Voyager and the Nokia S60 set to launch during the holiday season. But rest assured that Metro Studios will be on top of the latest in technology when it comes to compatibility of your websites and mobile devices.

Director of Internet Marketing – Metro Studios,
John Whaley – johnw@metrostudios.net

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