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10 Deadly Website Sins to Avoid When Creating or Redesigning a Website

Posted on 05.18.2015

The first rule of web club is not to irritate your visitors. Whether you’re creating a new website or redesigning a current site, there are certain things that are major no-no’s. Metro Studios knows what works. But you can learn from the mistakes of other webmasters so you can avoid these 10 deadly website sins.

  1. Bad content; bad grammar: I don’t know about you, but if I see blatant spelling errors and poor writing, a little bit of steam comes out of my ears. I begin to question the credibility of the company or individual. Keep the copy simple. Ask someone to proofread it. Check and check again.
  2. Blaring music: Raise your hand if you’ve opened a website in a quiet office and heard loud music burst out of your speakers. As you scramble to hit the close button, muttering apologies all the while, you curse the website. Don’t make that mistake. Don’t include music that plays automatically on your website.
  3. Busy, bright and bold: Wow. Who knew there were so many colors and font styles available in the world? We’ve all seen messy pages that make our eyes bleed. Rainbows are beautiful, but not on a webpage. Calm down. Use a consistent font. Pick one color or two.
  4. Waiting in line: When will it end? As you scan the homepage, the text seems to stretch into infinity. Lines and lines of content appear with no break. You’ve visited pages like this. Don’t subject others to this torture. Make it easy on your reader. Break up text into small paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each. Allow for white space. Give your reader’s eyes a break.
  5. Blinking: No. Just plain no. Don’t use moving or blinking images or text on your website. It’s distracting and irritating and your potential customer may just quickly click away, never to visit again.
  6. Find me: Believe it or not, people forget to include their contact information on websites. So then it becomes a guessing game. Who has time for this nonsense? Go to the other extreme. Stamp each of your pages with your phone number and email address. Create a contact page with your physical address and an interactive map. Make it a snap for people to call you, email you, and find your business.
  7. If people open your website and see a slew of unorganized buttons and tabs, how will they know where to navigate? Use a simple and clear navigation structure to help people quickly locate the information they need.
  8. What’s next? Don’t leave people hanging. Create a clear call to action on each landing page for your website visitors. Want people to see your product page? Watch an informative video? Land on your sales page? Design a simple call to action button that people will click.
  9. The Goldilocks dilemma: Don’t use text that is too small or too large. Use a font size that is just right. Use a consistent size throughout your web pages.
  10. Old content: Update your site with fresh and relevant copy. Ideas: Start a blog, post news about your company, use recent pictures, check your numbers and stats, and update your staffing pages. Things that are old start to smell. Make sure your content is never stale.

We hope these ten web things NOT to do help you as you create and re-design your website. Keep your website clean and simple and elegant. Contact Metro Studios to ask questions and discuss your next web build.