Commercial Photography & Video

Drone Services

Metro's background in video and commercial photography means you get more with our drone services. You get an invaluable service from a team that is committed to helping your business succeed. Metro is continually looking for innovative ways to capture your story to help your customers see you in a different light.

A New View

Metro Studios can fly a drone in the sky giving you a completely different vantage point of your facility. We will quickly, easily, and affordably capture footage. The footage allows us to visually tell a story about you that hasn’t been seen before.

Industries We Have Captured

  • Transportation
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture
  • A factory
  • Topography

Whether we capture photography for a small business or a large transportation company, we deliver cinematic shots that increase your business’s value.

Licensed Drone Pilots

Metro’s drone operators have their remote pilot license, part 107. This license is required to fly within any commercial application in compliance with FAA regulations.

Our licensure means we follow the law and can safely operate drones in any condition. Whether that be inside your facility or high above it, we can get it done.

We create camera movements that allow us to produce high-quality footage. Our drones will enhance the quality and value of your project. Therefore, we bring a breathtaking perspective that most people don’t see every day.

Are you thinking about taking your business’ photography to the next level? Our drone services might be the right choice for you.