Digital Marketing

Search Advertising

Search advertising can generate meaningful leads and quickly expand the reach of your business. We apply our team's expertise to identify the platform and strategy that will work best to meet your marketing goals.

Paid Advertising Strategy

There are important steps to take when implementing a new search advertising strategy. Whether it’s on Google Ads or Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads), you need to make sure to identify the audience, your goals, and begin developing your targeting, ads, and landing pages.

Our team at Metro Studios helps businesses bring their vision of generating leads from their website to life. We’re able to plan, create, and execute strategies for businesses and streamline their marketing spend to where it’s most effective.

Quantifiable Results from Paid Ads

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be extremely effective at growing meaningful leads and expanding the reach of your business quickly. We always want to set our clients up for success which sometimes means not recommending ads, while other times it means looking to platforms you might not have thought about using.

To start generating quality leads for your business, ideally you’ll have a marketing strategy that incorporates both organic SEO and Paid Advertising. If you start without a strong presence organically, Paid Ads are great at helping you get in front of customers and generate leads while your organic traffic catches up.

No matter what, we recommend you reach out if you’re interested in growing your business. From generating online sales to contact forms and calls, we can help drive you more leads to your website and reach new marketing heights!

Importance of Spend Transparency

Within our industry, you’ll find that Metro Studios takes a unique approach when managing Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. Instead of calculating a pay-per-click rate, we charge a monthly management fee based on the time it will require to monitor and optimize your ad account.

The money you pay for clicks flows directly between you and Google or Bing. There’s no guessing and no middleman to mark up the price. This method allows us to create better ads, better campaigns, and better performing accounts, all while keeping the cost down for you.

Data-Driven Marketing

No matter what digital marketing you do with us, we’re data-driven marketers. We track, collect, and analyze data from our marketing efforts to find out exactly what works and what doesn’t. Data gives you and us the confidence that we’re doing work that’s helping you meet your goals.

Get a free marketing audit from our experts at Metro Studios. We will have a dedicated strategist analyze your website and marketing efforts to find how we can help!