Web Support Guidelines

What can I use my website maintenance hour(s) for?
Updates to existing materials on your website. This can include updating text, adding photos, adding or removing pages, application tweaks, and more.
What work isn't typically covered by maintenance hours?
Extensive new graphic design or programming work. For example, if you want your website to slice, dice, and make julienne fries, we’ll probably need to provide you with a new quote for that project. Overall, we work to be flexible and cost-effective to meet your needs.
How can I get the most out of my maintenance hours?
To get the most out of your time, group your updates together before sending them to us. That way, we’ll spend less time stopping work, switching gears, and opening and closing programs – and spend more time improving your website.
Who should I contact with my website updates?
When it comes to maintenance requests, please send them directly to web@metrostudios.net, or visit support.metro-studios.com to submit a request online. This will help streamline our update process – resulting in a better experience for you!
How can I check on status of my update?
When you submit a request to web@metrostudios.net, or via support.metro-studios.com, you will receive an immediate email response with an access key, and a link to check status online. You can also input your access key on the right of this page to view the status of your update request.
Who will be completing my website updates?
Your favorite web team members are the dedicated people working on each of your requests. We’ll be directly in contact with you with questions, suggestions, or even a joke from time to time.
How soon can I expect my maintenance updates to be completed?
For the majority of updates we receive, you can expect them to be completed within two business days (as long as they don't exceed your allotted hours of maintenance for the month). We’ll be sure to contact you if your updates require a different timeline than that.
What happens if I need to use more than my allotted maintenance hours during a month?
We’ll always contact you to let you know when you’ve used (not exceeded) your maintenance time for the month. From there, you can decide whether you’d like to be billed our hourly fee of $130 to have any additional updates completed immediately, or you can simply wait until next month to have them done.
Can I rollover unused maintenance hours from one month to the next?
Sorry, but no. Because of the dramatically reduced price we offer for these maintenance hours, they “expire” at the end of each month.