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At Metro Studios, we don't believe in simply building you a website and walking away. We want to be your Internet Marketing partner, helping to make your website reach its maximum potential. In today's world, a website should be far more than an online brochure for your business. Instead, it should be viewed as a huge opportunity to generate increased brand exposure, sales, and qualified leads. However, that can only be achieved with an ongoing SEO strategy.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the work that we do to get your business listed naturally or organically in all the major search engines. With SEM or Search Engine Marketing we not only focus on getting your business ranked well organically, but we look at other ways that we can market your business through the power of the search engines such as paid advertising, optimized local citation listing and other proven techniques.

While SEO/SEM is necessary to rank well in search results and to drive new, relevant visitors to your website, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process to undertake on your own. With that in mind, we offer tiered, monthly SEM packages where we provide work on your website on an ongoing basis. We work with a wide range of clients and industries, and have successfully helped them drive new, potential customers to their respective websites. We'd love to work with you to maximize the potential of your website as well!

Check out our SEO/SEM Case Studies

The Results are in and Metro has raised the bar with our SEO/SEM services. Our SEO/SEM team works with a wide range of clients and each one has different goals. Check out a few of our case studies that show just how our team can work with you, no matter where you are located, how big or small your business is, or what your search engine marketing goals might be!

  • Bench Solution - Bench Solution came to Metro Studios to undergo a complete rebuild and redesign of their website. Prior to starting SEM with Metro Studios, they had minimal brand awareness and were looking to really grow their online presence. After conducting extensive keyword research, we discovered there was great traffic potential with a long-term approach to SEM. Read Case Study
  • Mi-T-M - While Mi-T-M was gaining more and more brand recognition, they weren’t gaining much traction for non-branded, relevant search terms. We found there is tremendous search volume for these types of phrases, but the competition is very stiff, so we knew it would be an ongoing process to show significant growth. Read Case Study
  • Roll Out Mats - With it being a relatively new product line, there was minimal brand awareness. After performing extensive keyword research and competition analysis, we discovered there was very promising traffic potential. Just as importantly, we felt we stood a good chance at achieving early success with consistent SEM efforts. Read Case Study
  • Wigwam Golf Course - Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding area, is one of the most popular golf destinations in the country. Due to this, there is stiff competition for local search. Wigwam wanted to gain online visibility for non-branded search phrases. They also wanted more people to book tee times on their own website, as opposed to 3rd party websites where it would be less profitable. Read Case Study

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